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We provide assessment and diagnosis for trauma and dissociation, including dissociative disorders.


Dissociation refers to the experience of being disconnected or dissociated from some aspects of your experience. It is a common experience during and after trauma or distressing life experiences.


Dissociation can include experiences of feeling numb or disconnected from your emotions, zoning out, memory issues such as not remembering what you did earlier in the day or not remembering large parts of your childhood or adult life, feeling that your body or the world is strange or unreal, feeling that you behave very differently in some situations than in others, chronically feeling empty, feeling that there are different parts of you that strongly intrude into your awareness or take over without your conscious control, feeling unable to control some aspects of your behaviour (such as hurting yourself although you don’t want to).  


These assessments are completed online in the comfort of your own home by a clinical psychologist.

What to expect

Initial phone call:

We will explain the process to you, find out what assessments you are wanting and book your appointments.

2 initial sessions (50 minutes each): We start out with a conversation to understand your experiences of trauma and dissociation and other relevant issues that might be going on for you (e.g. stressful life events, other mental health issues).


We ask you to complete some questionnaires online in your own time.

Feedback session (50 minutes): We will provide you with information about the results of the assessment, any diagnoses that we have made and our recommendations for support for you in the future.

Your investment:

Trauma and dissociation assessment completed by a clinical psychologist - $645. Payment is due at the end of each session ($215).

Please contact us to discuss your eligibility for rebates or if an organisation will be funding your assessment.

If you require a psychological report outlining the results of your assessment, we will advise you of the cost associated with the report once we have discussed your requirements with you.

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