About us

At Aspire Wellness and Psychology we are passionate about social justice, diversity and human rights. We provide inclusive, empathic, creative, trauma informed, evidence based services to support the wellbeing and psychological health of individuals and families.


We believe that you are the expert of your experience and we honour your choices and individuality. In our counselling and training we strive to work collaboratively to create an environment that enables growth, recovery, resilience, personal development and capacity building.


Our ethos is that change and hope are always possible and we will walk beside you as you make the transformations that are important to you in your life. 

Our core values

  • There is always hope which leads to new possibilities

  • Nothing is permanent

  • Change is possible

  • You are the expert of your experience

  • Everyone has the right to be and feel safe

  • Celebrate diversity, embrace difference 

  • Lifelong learning enables new opportunities and perspectives

Image of words in different colours. Hope, sustainability, equity, respect, connection, attunement and ethics
Image of Nicles Bestel with a garden behind her

Niclés Bestel 

Psychologist, Clinical Psychology Registrar and Practice Director


Niclés is a psychologist who has extensive experience working in a variety of counselling, community mental health and school wellbeing settings. 


Niclés has a strong commitment to ongoing professional development. She is trained in a range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, dialectical behaviour therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and internal family systems therapy. 


Nicles provides individual counselling for adults, adolescents and children with a range of support needs including trauma, dissociation, depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, OCD, psychosis, self-harm, grief and loss, relationship issues, and life transitions. She works with adolescents who are experiencing bullying, identity issues, challenges with social skills, self-esteem issues, self-harm, school refusal, anxiety and depression.


Niclés sees clients on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with after hours availability.

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Bianca Evans

Counsellor, Trainer, Supervisor, Consultant and Practice Director


Bianca is a counsellor with extensive experience in the community mental health and human rights sectors. 


Bianca is committed to lifelong learning and uses a range of therapeutic approaches to support clients, drawing from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Internal Family Systems therapy. 


Bianca provides individual and relationship counselling. She works with adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, dissociation, life transitions, grief and loss, gender and identity challenges and relationship issues. She supports people to develop the skills and capacity to achieve their goals, explore their potential and feel more passionate about life.

Bianca sees clients on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with after hours availability.

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